Do Your Kids Take After You?

As parents, we are diligent about teaching our kids the basics of being healthy; "Wash your hands before you eat.", "Eat your veggies!", "Brush your teeth." and "Go to bed at a decent time!" And sometimes we need help with this too. According to research, most adults are not washing their hands properly, which means our mini-me's probably aren’t either. This puts them at greater risk of being exposed to unwanted organisms

Of more than 3,700 people using the restroom, 95% were not properly washing their hands, observed undercover researchers. The average hand washing time was 6 seconds, far below the 20 seconds recommended by the CDC.

If your child is not a regular hand washer, washes too quickly, plays with cats or bites their finger nails, addressing unwanted organisms is recommended. The following are common symptoms of unwanted organisms in kids:

  • unusual angry-outbursts
  • emotional imbalance
  • itchy rectum
  • dark circles under eyes
  • skin irritations
  • grinding teeth
  • waking up constantly at night

WHO guidelines favor routine screening for unwanted organisms in school-age children when the prevalence in the community exceeds 50%, all children should be evaluated for unwanted organisms.

Two inexpensive and sure-fire ways to help keep these icky critters away

#1 - Teach Your Kids to Wash Their Hands the Right Way

1. Wet hands with clean, running water and apply soap.

2. Rub hands together, lather them well. Be sure to include the backs of their hands and between their fingers.

3. With one hand, take their index finger and go around each cuticle and under each nail bed of the opposite hand. This is crucial, as we see eggs from unwanted organisms left under nail beds and around cuticles with the “simplified” hand washing which is common to most people.

4. Continue rubbing their hands for at least 20 seconds. Tell your kids to hum the “Happy Birthday” song from beginning to end, twice.

5. Rinse hands well under running water.

6. Dry hands using a clean towel or air dry them. If you are in a public bathroom, use a drying towel to grip the door handle. Dispose neatly in closest rubbish bin.

#2 - Remove Unwanted Organisms with NDF HAPPY®

Environmental toxins are all around our kids - ending up in their little bodies - they help them be a “good host” for unwanted organisms by creating an acidic body. NDF HAPPY® safely, gently, and effectively removes unwanted organisms and is buffered to support the adrenal system while removing heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides with NDF® (Natural Detox Factors). We suggest 4 weeks of NDF HAPPY® twice year if your child follows the above washing and eating recommendations and you have no pets, or NDF HAPPY® is safe to use daily if your child has exposure to unwanted organisms on a regular basis. Use as needed.

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