BIORAY® Liquid Herbal Drops
Is Your Kid Grumpy, can't sleep, moody, anxious or frustrated?

Did you know your kids' liver is the valve for emotions? If it's congested emotions back-up and create feelings of frustration and anxiety. Using NDF CALM®, parents and teachers notice improved moods, emotional balance, restful sleep, and children that are better able to handle stress.*

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Does Your Kid Have Problem focusing, brain fog, lack of energy, or seasonal histamine response?

Did you know our cells need energy to get proper nutrients from food and to help us focus? Using NDF FOCUS®, parents notice their kids have clearer thinking, balanced energy, and an improved ability to handle stress.*

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Does Your Kid Have Nervous stomach, bowel issues, nonsocial or delayed speech (pre-verbal)?

Did you know when your child has healthy gut flora it positively impacts a child's immune function and speech? Using NDF SHINE®, parents notice improved speech and communication – finding the "right" word, and a decrease in stomach aches.*

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Does Your Kid Have Unreasonable anger, itchy rectum, or crave sugar & carbohydrates?

Did you know unwanted organisms are commonly found on pets, under fingernails and around cuticles? Unwanted organisms trigger cravings for sugar and carbohydrates, as well as unexplainable anger outbursts. Parents notice their kids are happier and experience fewer sugary and carb cravings with NDF HAPPY®.*

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Does Your Kid Have Difficulty falling asleep or sleeping through the night?

Did you know there are herbal combinations that have a synergistic effect to help kids fall asleep and stay asleep? Oriental plant extracts have been used for decades to help people sleep well. Parents notice their kids experience more restful sleep, less anxiety and worry with NDF SLEEPY™.*

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Does Your Kid Have Trouble pooping sluggish energy or stubbornness?

Did you know that the amount of water our kids drink has a direct impact how often their bowels move? When bowels are sluggish, low energy and crabby moods soon follow. Parents notice their kids have regular bowel movements, and a decrease in bowel-related stomach discomfort with NDF POOPER™.*

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Moms, Dads & teachers are noticing a difference

"Taking NDF FOCUS® every morning helps Kyan concentrate better in school."

- Andrea Scott
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