Questions & Answers

Can we give all four Bioray Kid’s formulas to my child at the same time?
Yes, you can. We recommend introducing one product at a time. Wait 24 hours before introducing the next product. This is standard practice for introducing anything new into your child's diet or supplement intake.
How do we use these formulas?
Give 1 dropper, per day for children 50lbs or less. Give 2 droppers per day for kids over 50lbs.
I notice when my child takes NDF SHINE® every day he speaks more clearly. Why is that?
NDF SHINE® helps to re-establish a healthy gut brain connection.
Is NDF® in the Bioray Kids® line the same as the formula in the therapeutic NDF?
No. Bioray Kids® products NDF HAPPY®, NDF CALM®, NDF SHINE® and NDF FOCUS® have 25% the binding capabilities of regular NDF®. It contains micronized chlorella for mopping up daily exposures which avoids depositing these toxins in the tissues. This is a special formula that all kids tolerate daily.
My child gets very nervous and anxious when there are a lot of people around. What product do you recommend?
We recommend NDF CALM® to support emotional balance and decrease stress.
My child grinds his teeth at night and itches his bum, which product would be best?
We recommend NDF HAPPY® to support healthy removal of unwanted organisms.
My child is really moody and has trouble sleeping which product would be best?
We recommend NDF CALM® to support the liver and healthy emotions.
What does each product cost?
$29.99 for 2 ounce bottles which is a 1 month supply.
$49.99 for 4 ounce bottles which is a 2 month supply.
When do I use BIORAY® Therapeutic products instead of the Bioray Kids® line for my child?
When you have successfully supported healthy organ function and removed systemic toxic heavy metals and chemicals with BIORAY® Therapeutic products, you can switch to Bioray Kids® for maintenance. Then once or twice a year do a concentrated "cleanse" with the therapeutic strength products.
Where can I find Bioray Kids?
Click on the "Find a Store" button on bioraykids.com for a list of retail stores that carry our products. You can also request your local grocer carry Bioray Kids®. If they are not available in your local store, you can always purchase the full line of Bioray Kids® products in both 2 oz and 4 oz sizes at bioraykids.com
Where do I start?
You can begin with any Bioray Kids® formula. Our favorite ways to incorporate the products one at a time with NDF CALM® first, followed by NDF SHINE®, then NDF FOCUS®, and finally NDF HAPPY®.
Which product would be best to give my child right before school?
We recommend NDF FOCUS® to support clarity and decrease stress.
Will BIORAY® kids products still work if my child's diet is not GFCF?
Yes, Bioray Kids® products will support healthy organ structure and function and remove environmental toxins regardless of what type of diet your child is on. However, if your child is sensitive to certain foods, removing them from the diet will speed up the healing process as it is one less irritation in the system. While BIORAY® products are not a replacement for a healthy diet, the ingredients in NDF CALM® have been found to reduce food sensitivities and help to buffer some of the irritations experienced from dietary infractions.

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